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Britney Pease


Britney Pease is a photographer from Wetherby, who specialises in architectural, still life, fashion, and portraiture photography. 

Britney has had a great interest in photography since a young age, however it was not until she started BSc (Hons) Digital Journalism in 2018 that photography became more of a passion of hers. After being gifted a Canon DSLR for her 18th Birthday, she knew that she wanted to explore different genres and began shooting photos that were of interest to her.  


After finishing LBU, Britney will be studying a master’s degree in photography at Leeds Arts University. 

‘Right to be heard’ focuses on deaf individuals, and how they have coped with mask-wearing and lockdown, as well as life in general. With the pandemic, people have overlooked individuals with deafness when it comes to face masks and mental health. They rely on lip-reading to be able to understand others. It is a topic very close to Britney’s heart personally, and she is creating a photobook showcasing portraits and stories, alongside an online website.

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