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Leah Clifton


Leah Clifton is an editorial designer and journalist based in South Yorkshire with interests in fashion and the written word. Fashion has always been a passion, and she has created several fashion blogs, as a result of watching ‘Project Runway’ with her mother whilst growing up. 

With her passion and interest being anything and everything fashion related, Leah has focused on this throughout her three years at LBU, whilst successfully progressing her writing and photography skills. Leah has also developed strong skills in magazine design, developing unique and interesting styles and layouts. 

As well as recently creating a website and multiple graphic designs for a client starting a new earring business, other projects include longform articles looking into the impact of fast fashion and the future of fashion journalism. 

‘Fashion First’ is a celebration of fashion encouraging everyone to dress how they wish and express themselves through the form of fashion. It features photography, illustrations and copy that are part of a wider project – a magazine, solely based on high-street fashion making it accessible to all. 

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