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Sarah Lawrence-


Sarah Lawrence-Moye is a digital journalist from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk who specialises in film, low light photography and investigative journalism. Sarah began her studies at West Suffolk College, where she completed the UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Film & Creative Production. During her time here, she discovered a love for documentary and elected to study journalism at
university. Sarah has now completed her undergraduate studies at Leeds Beckett University.

Sarah’s videography has blossomed at university, leading to opportunities for Leeds City Council’s annual arts festival, Leeds Light Night. The commission included creating a video retrospective of the festival, which can be enjoyed across the council’s social media and website.

Sarah’s other work in this exhibition highlights her love of investigative journalism for Interactive multimedia platforms. ‘Does the future of journalism exclude the older generation?’  was created and published using the Shorthand visual storytelling platform. This multimedia article incorporates everything Sarah loves about journalism - fighting injustice, getting to the heart of the issue and offering solutions to modern-day problems.

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